I Am Not Led, I Lead Latin Motto Enamel Pin
I Am Not Led, I Lead Latin Motto Enamel Pin
I Am Not Led, I Lead Latin Motto Enamel Pin
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I Am Not Led, I Lead Latin Motto Enamel Pin

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A hard enamel pin with an inspirational Latin motto.

It says "I am not led, I lead" in Latin and is ideal for someone who does things their own way, doesn't follow the crowd and isn't afraid to stand out. It's completely original and not something you'll see everyone else wearing.

It adds colour and attitude to any denim jacket or bag and means you can walk around with a secret message very few people will actually be able to read.

This pin badge says 'Non Ducor, Duco' which translates from Latin to English as 'I am not led, I lead'.

A reminder to you not to be a sheep and do what everyone else does but to walk your own path in life and not be afraid to be a bit different.

  • Hard Enamel Pin
  • Inspiring Latin Motto
  • Unique Design
  • Size: 2.5cm Diameter

Part of our kick-ass tattoo range, these enamel pin badges make for perfect gifts with positive messages of empowerment and love without being too soppy.

We want to celebrate those women who believe in themselves and do things their own way.

The woman who provided the translations for us is a former Oxbridge student who graduated with a First-Class Honours degree in Classics.

When she was twelve she used to read Harry Potter books in Latin just for kicks and giggles! So we are pretty confident of the translations, even if some like Shit Happens, we've had to get a little creative with as it wasn't actually saying back then.

Each pin comes very neatly attached to its own backing card with the English translation prominently displayed (just in case you don’t speak fluent Latin).

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