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A Little Judgy (yet often right) Keyring

A Little Judgy (yet often right) Keyring

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A Little Judgy (yet often right)hard enamel keyring that comes nicely packaged in a little pouch with a sticker on the outside showing which designed you've chosen.

Not going to lie, you need to be on pretty damn good terms with the person you call "a little judgy" but then it comes with the immediate belly rub of "yet often right" so it's a compliment really, and a great way of building bridges between you and someone you've maybe told to keep their opinions to themselves once too often!  Is it even a bad thing to be judgemental?  Yes is the short answer but I mean, you're probably judging the quality of this website, these products and this writing right now?  Now I'm judging you for the idea you might be judging me?  We're all at it!

Maybe the judgy people are just the ones who say the things everyone else only thinks?

Of course you don't need to always be thinking of other people, you could just buy one for yourself as a way of owning those fabulous idiosynchrasies.

Never meant as a mean or spiteful comment, most of these come from personal experience and if I can be unapologetic, then so can you!  Grab the set and decide later on who gets what or buy them for yourself!

This keyring can obviously be attached to your keys but also your bag or back pack, anywhere you want it, just so you know it's there.

Why you'll love it

  • Keyrings are always a good gift
  • Funny
  • Unique
  • Size: 2.5cm Diameter

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Mary Meredith
Very witty

The key ring was a great stocking filler. Amused us all.


Sadly still waiting

Jo Reilly

Perfect stocking filler!

Lynn Arthey
Great gifts

Bought these for my daughters and they loved them. Funny and original.

Pet shop Jules
Great gift!!

Absolutely fitting for a gift for my manager….went down really well.
Beautifully made and arrived quickly.

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