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Big Boy Pants On Woven Tag

Big Boy Pants On Woven Tag

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Whenever you're facing a challenge ahead

don't hide in the corner or go back to bed.

A tag for your pants to remind you today

that things will be fine and you'll be okay.

Iron me on and wear with pride

knowing I'm there, right by your side.

This little woven tag can be attached to any fabric really, the lining of a hat, jacket, jeans, bag, or it can be kept on the backing card as a inspiring token, it's entirely up to the individual.

The backing card reverse has a space for a message to be written, so if you are buying this for someone else as a little gift, you can write a message to them in your own handwriting, which is always extra special.

The idea behind these tags is that they become secret messages that you keep about your person, you know they are there but no one else does and whenever you feel your confidence wobble or are having a really bad day, you remember you're wearing you "Big Boy Pants" and you got this!

Size:   Backing Card: 148mm x 104mm.    Woven Tag: 69mm x 24mm

Material:  Damask

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sylvie Leslie
Fantastic "Cheer me up" present

I bought this tag as a surprise for a Cancer patient friend like me who was going to have surgery.
I asked his wife not to tell him about it and just slide it in his hospital bag.
He was very down and stressed as he was not allowed visitors and had to be in hospital 2 days prior to his surgery for various tests... he called me as soon as he found the card with the tag attached to it and couldn't stop laughing!!!
Mission accomplished!
Thank you for creating this amazing product x

Lorraine Aldhous
Ideal to make someone smile

Bought for my son to make him smile while going through a challenging time.

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