The Sweary Gift Guide

The Sweary Gift Guide

We all have a friend who enjoys a good swear word. Whether they can’t help letting off an F-bomb when they’re excited, swear every other word after a cheeky drink or simply enjoy a near-constant stream of profanity, there’s nothing like a sweary friend. 

But what do you buy someone who loves to swear? This is obviously where great sweary gifts come in!

To help you find the perfect gift for your friend with a particular vocabulary, we’ve put together this helpful gift guide. 

Fuck This Shit MUg

Fuck This Shit Mug

If they’re a fan of swearing but not a fan of mornings, meetings that could have been an email or people in general, this mug is the perfect way to help them express their displeasure. 

One of our most popular gifts, our Fuck This Shit Mug says it plainly and clearly for all to see. Ideal if they can’t really function without a cuppa, the bright yellow and white mug is sure to make them smile no matter the occasion. 

Even better, you can also get your hands on a matching coaster, (and it's cheaper to buy them as a set) so they can showcase their sweary message even when their mug is in the dishwasher. 

somewhat sweary keyring

Somewhat Sweary Keyring

Just because they’re sweary, it doesn’t mean that the gift you get them needs to be. In fact, a gift that let’s people know what they’re like could be just the thing.

This is why our Somewhat Sweary and Remarkably Articulate Keyring could make a great little gift. It’s definitely one of those gifts that’s ideal for someone who loves to swear but can also structure a brilliant sentence – especially around some well-placed cuss words!

A fun way to let them know you appreciate their colourful language, the keyring can obviously be attached to keys, as well as their bag, backpack and several other places. Keyrings are also a great gift when people are hard to buy for, so that’s a win too. 

shit happens patch

Shit Happens Iron-On Patch

If you know someone that loves to swear but who often has to hide that fact, we’ve got a gift for them covered too. 

They may be a teacher, parent of young children, work in customer service or have to deal with any other situations where they can’t swear – even if they really want to. Whatever their deal, a secretly sweary gift is sure to make them happy. 

Our Shit Happens Iron-On Woven Patch is a great secretly sweary gift. The heart-shaped patch features a banner over the front with the words “stercus accidit” on it. Unless someone speaks Latin, no one has to know that the patch bears the phrase “shit happens”. 

We all have to accept the fact that shit does in fact happen, so as well as being fun, this is a great message of empowerment to remind them to role with the punches and keep being awesome. 

The patch is iron–on so can easily be added to a jacket, bag or other fabric item, although you can also stitch it on too. We’re sure they’ll love this secret message and private joke. 

even on my worst day gift set

Even On My Worst Day Gift Set

What’s better than a sweary gift? One that also reminds them how awesome, of course. 

If you want to give them multiple reminders of the fact they’re great, our Even On My worst Day I’m Fucking Awesome Gift Set is right on the money. 

This great gift includes a notebook, woven tag and enamel pin, all of which feature our popular and empowering slogan. All of the items are presented in an envelope with the same slogan on the front, giving them a good indication of what the gift includes. 

We all need a reminder that we’re awesome every now and then, so this is a fun way to ensure that a sweary person you know feels good about themselves. 

scared shitless tote bag

Scared Shitless Tote Bag

Know someone who is sweary and taking a big step? Our popular Scared Shitless and Doing It Anyway Tote Bag will help them celebrate cracking on even if they are super scared.

Perfect for shopping, using as a book bag or just throwing in everything you’ll need for the day and cracking on, the super strong bag has a glittery finish over the screen-printed purple design. After all, they may be scared shitless but they can look fab too!

The bag comes with a cute “just do it” style message on an attached gift card, that is sure to give them a bit of courage and make them feel like the badass they are. It’s definitely a great way to make sure they see they’re awesome while also celebrating their love of a good swear word. 

Find The Perfect Sweary Gift

Whatever the occasion, we’ve got a great sweary gift they’ll love – and you’ll probably find something to treat yourself to as well! 

If these suggestions aren’t quite right for the person you’re spoiling, head over to our full range of sweary stuff to pick up the perfect gift for your foul-mouthed friend. 

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