Secret Santa Gifts For Every Type of Person In Your Office

Secret Santa Gifts For Every Type of Person In Your Office

It’s that time of year again - the dreaded drawing of the names for Secret Santa. Even if you get on well with and know most of the people taking part, there is still the chance that you’ll draw someone who is difficult to buy for, who you’ve only ever said hello to or you have nothing in common with.

Even if you know someone well, they can still be hard to find a gift for, especially if you only have a small budget. Rather than try to overcome gift-buying panic, take a look at our guide to help you find a great Secret Santa gift for every type of person in your office.

The Office Fashionista

There’s always at least one person who fancies themselves a bit of a fashionista. They’ll dress to the nines for office parties, always look put together and stylish in the office and wouldn’t get caught dead in pyjamas or loungewear on a Zoom call. 

This person can be difficult to buy for because they always look impeccable and can be quite picky about what they wear. Rather than picking out the same tired cosmetic gift set, get them something that reminds them that they’re a badass. 

Our Even On My Worst Day I’m Fucking Awesome Keyring is just the thing to make them laugh and keep their confidence boosted. Plus, it doesn’t need to match anything in their wardrobe so is sure to be a winner. 

The Busy Bee

You’re never quite sure if they are actually busy or just really skilled at making themselves look busy. Either way, this person tends to have an ever-growing list of things they need to do, as well as a list of things they’ll definitely forget about or never get around to doing. 

This person will probably appreciate a useful gift, even if it’s a bit tongue in cheek. With this in mind, you might want to pick one of our funny notebooks – we think this one might be a particularly good option. 

The Complainer

There’s a good chance that there is more than one person who loves to complain in your office. Whether it’s about how much work they have to do, another department or even customers; they’ll find something to have a moan about. 

You’ll probably find that they like a good moan in the kitchen or break out area, especially with a cup of tea or coffee in hand. That’s why our Fuck This Shit Mug is probably going to make a great Secret Santa gift for them. I mean, it says it all right there on the mug!

If you have a smaller budget for your gift, we also have a Fuck This Shit Coaster, so they can still make their point and have a good moan.

The Loud But Lovely One

You’ll probably find that the loudest person in your office is one of the loveliest people ever. They typically want to look after people, love being involved in social events and will let the company know when decisions are being made that aren’t all that great. 

This person is usually a great person to be friends with in your office, even if they tend not to have a lot of volume control. This is why our Really Shouty and Uncommonly Kind Enamel Pin is an ideal gift. It’s a brilliant way to let them know that they are super lovely and it will probably make them quiet for at least a few minutes. 

If an enamel pin isn’t quite their style, you could order them this Really Shouty and Uncommonly Kind Notepad instead. 

The One Who Is Perpetually Ill

Someone only has to say the words ‘cold’ or ‘allergy’ in the office and this person needs to take a day off sick. They’re prone to catching every little bug in the office, which means they’re usually the person you can go to if you need paracetamol, a throat lozenge or some tissues. 

Even when they aren’t feeling great, they’ll often power through and get things done though, so you have to respect their ability to keep working even when they’re a magnet for illnesses. 

If you draw this name in Secret Santa, our Big Girl Pants Tote Bag could be the perfect gift. Not only is it sure to make them laugh, but it also means they’ll have the perfect bag for toting around their seemingly endless supply of cold and flu medicine!

The One Who Hates Christmas

There’s always that person who isn’t into all the Christmas fun. They’ll probably moan about Secret Santa but still include their name in the draw anyway. The chances are they’re actually really lovely, they just happen to be a grumpy old man or woman on the inside, which becomes clearer the closer we get to Christmas. 

For this person, there’s only one gift that will suffice and that they’ll probably wear with pride – our Merry Fucking Christmas Cotton Socks. Just be sure to wrap it in super glittery Christmas paper with loads of obnoxious bows to really make a point. 

Still looking for the perfect Secret Santa gift? Check out our full shop to find something they’re sure to love no matter the budget. 

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