The Birthday Yearbook, a simply yet stunning way to record baby's first 18 years

Sarah's Top 10 Gifts #Top10

As the creator of all that sits on our site, it's very difficult to pick the top 10 and please be aware that it's a moveable feast (especially when we come up with something entirely new and think 'ooh shiny, we love it, it's the best thing we've ever done).  We're not fickle, merely enthusiastic and if we were anything but, it would be time to hang our heads in defeat and move away from the work.  I hope you like at least some of the things I've chosen in my #Top10Gifts


The very personal project that I created in a moment of madness.  If you want to read about my crappy superpower - check out the blogpost about it.


The range that put us on the map and kept the lights on for over a decade. I remember coming up with the first one whilst sitting in a very exclusive private members club. It was the less than aspirational "I'm going to marry into money... and this is my plan" which, in 2008, sold well in Fenwick Newcastle whilst Bond Street wouldn't take it - preferring "Ridiculously Rich".


The mug that I drink from every day. It's big and it's bold and it's porcelain which means it's some affordable luxury in your life.  Drink from porcelain once and you'll never go back 😁


Part of the original "Word Apothecary" pins that I created.  They took me months - I researched the imagery within Japanese culture and my eldest taught me about the language and how special the 4 character saying is... this one meaning 'Fall 7, Stand Up 8' was an instant (scarily so) hit and has such a powerful message of strength that I have it on my handbag strap.


Sam here wrote most of this range.  Sadly, much copied (one particular US based company has copied the lot, but their design is shit and our notebooks are just better anyway... #I'mnotbitter 🙄)


This one is all me.  4 books that I loved writing and designing. One of my favourite things to do is to watch people reading them at fairs - because if you're a little bit juvenile and silly, it'll make you giggle.  And I can tell you, writing a 'fill in the blanks' story that will always end up smutty regardless of what words you come up with is a frickin' art form 🤣  


Not the most popular title in the range (by a long shot) but definitely one of my personal faves!


Another one from Sam.  A genius with words and this is my personal favourite in the 'Awkward Truths' range that have sold in their 10's of 1000s over the years.

It is said that 'a life spent in fear is a life half lived'.  It's a saying that haunts me if I'm honest as I'm the most fearful person I've ever met.  Filled with phobia and anxiety, I can concentrate very heavily on what I've not managed to do in my life because of fear (I turned down my dream job because it involved getting in a lift 🙄) So, this range is very close to my heart.

#1/Drumroll pleease....

Our yearbooks!

I know I bang on about them - but they are still the single range of which I'm most proud.  Multi award winning, the first of their kind and perfect fits for a wedding gift, for a newborn or for a family.  We have used our own Christmas Yearbook for 17 or so years and I'd save mine in a fire.

"Simply Stunning & Stunningly Simple" and it continues to be my absolute #1

As I was checking that the links worked on the images, I caught sight of some of the reviews that have been written and I'm swelling with pride.  It really is an incredible feeling to be a small part of a healing process; at the start of a family tradition; the aid to bringing a much longed for smile to a loved one's face and the creator of the thing that gets someone somewhere they need to be.

Sam and I are very l lucky to be able to continue running this business and we honestly don't forget that... the shine sometimes rubs off for a little while but we are truly blessed. 

Thank you!

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