Our new line of sweary Christmas gifts for 2022

Our new line of sweary Christmas gifts for 2022

If you’re looking for gift inspiration, look no further because our new line of Christmas gifts ticks all the right boxes. A bit different to the things you usually see on the high street but guaranteed to raise a smile, these stocking fillers are festive AF!

In fact, we’ve surprised ourselves this year with a new design for 2022 that is upbeat and just a little bit sweary. We’ve all got that friend who loves the F-word, and if you’ve been searching for the perfect present for them, well, you’ve found it. 

So let’s dive in and take a look at this new line of sweary Christmas gifts for 2022.

1. Festive AF greetings cards  

At first glance, this greetings card looks like any other. The stylishly drawn mistletoe is decorated like a Christmas tree with the obligatory festive baubles and topped off with a ribbon.

What makes this card different is the banner at the top with the words ‘Festive AF’. Now, we don’t need to tell you what ‘AF’ means, but that won’t stop children from asking, so make sure the recipient of these Christmas cards is prepared with an answer!

You can buy these hilariously naughty cards on their own or in a pack of six. As a bonus for buying them in a pack, you get a matching keepsake box to reuse when the cards have all gone.

Festive AF greetings card

2. Christmas rock in boozy flavours

This box of boozy-flavoured sweet treats will have you rockin’ around the Christmas tree, but not because of their alcohol content.

It might sound like these flavours should count towards your units for the day, but in fact, they’re all alcohol-free! So, you can enjoy these eight delicious flavours without feeling guilty.

  • Cosmopolitan 
  • Pina Colada
  • Prosecco 
  • Mojito 
  • Iron brew 
  • Cider 
  • Lager and lime 
  • Gin and tonic 

There’s a lot of fun to be had with this box of festive AF rock! Try tipping them into a bowl, then taking turns to pick out a piece and guess the flavour – use the key on the back of the box to find out if you're right.

Festive AF rock

3. Delicious artisan chocolate 

These artisan chocolate bars make delicious stocking fillers. Choose from smooth dark or milk chocolate handmade by Coco Pzazz in the rolling hills of mid-Wales.

Our festive AF chocolate bars are a gift that keeps on giving because Coco Pzazz re-invests some of the money they earn to support independent farmers and chocolate-growing communities in South America and Africa.

What’s more, they’re serious about protecting the planet – here are a few stats you might find interesting:

  • All of their deliveries in the UK are carbon neutral 
  • They use recyclable and compostable packaging 
  • None of their commercial waste goes to landfill 

If you know someone that loves chocolate and dropping the occasional F-bomb, then call off the search because this sweary Christmas gift could be just the ticket.  

Festive AF chocolate bar

4. Festive AF on a tea towel 

Our festive AF design looks at home on this tea towel made from 100% cotton. Bold and sassy, it’s the updated version of the kind of Christmas tea towel your nan might have had when you were young. 

When it comes to washing the pots, you’ll feel much less guilty about drying your pans with this than rubbing Santa’s face along the bottom of your crockpot (but maybe that’s just us).

And if you choose not to use it at all, this tea towel would look just as good on display. Its two-colour design matches most interiors, whether your kitchen resembles the inside of a spacecraft or something more traditional.

These Christmassy tea towels are screen-printed in the UK and measure 500mm x 700mm.

Festive AF tea towel

More sweary Christmas gifts 

If you’re still looking for Christmas gift inspiration for your sweary friends and colleagues, then we’ve got more to show you.

Our range of ‘Merry Fucking Christmas’ gifts is popular for its off-the-wall design that features a skull in a Santa hat (yes, you read that right). It’s perfect for a friend or colleague who isn’t into traditional festivities.

You’ll find it printed on a wide range of gifts to suit different budgets.

  • Christmas rock 
  • Tea towel 
  • Cotton socks 
  • Mug 
  • Coaster 
  • Greetings card 
  • Enamel pin 
  • Chocolate bar 
  • Festive apron

We love the idea of someone cooking their Christmas lunch in an apron with a festive skull, but be prepared to answer questions from the children around the table, especially those who have recently learned to read! 

Merry Fucking Christmas apron

When it comes to children sitting around the dinner table, have you considered buying something to keep them occupied while they’re waiting for their next course? Our children’s activities are designed to entertain them so that you can eat your dinner in peace!

We love this activity book, snappily titled ‘Something else to keep you happy while the grown-ups are being really boring at the dinner table.’
Christmas activity book for kids

It contains 20 pages of Christmassy activities suitable for children aged four to ten. You can also buy an activity tin that comes with six coloured pencils and a deck of cards to play snap or pairs at the table. 

For more gift inspiration, check out our blog post on Christmas gifts for every budget in 2022. 

Why buy from independent retailers? 

When you support independent retailers like The Chiswick Gift Company, the money goes into turning ideas into thriving businesses that employ local people and support the economy.

Did you know that 16.3 million people work in small and medium-sized businesses in the UK? Shopping directly with independent retailers guarantees this money goes back to the founders and the people working for them.

Your support is keeping Britain at the forefront of design and creativity, helping us to come up with new and innovative products that the rest of the world wants to buy. 

Download our Christmas catalogue to see the full range from The Chiswick Gift Company. 

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