I don't mean to sound negative.... (Happy Easter!)

I don't mean to sound negative.... (Happy Easter!)

I don't mean to sound negative (I kinda do), but am I the only person not #livingmybestlife right now? 

My social media feeds are full of people either sunning themselves on the slopes or sunning themselves on the beach.  Personally, I think strapping something slippery on to the bottom of your feet and then standing at the top of a mountain that is very slippery is just plain foolish but everyone looks so fucking happy about it when posing for the cameras. 

And the beach photos just leave me drooling and cursing my inability to be trapped in a tube in the sky without drugs. Drugs so powerful that they wipe the memory of the first 2 or 3 days so I come home with sunburn and a wonderful sense of calm which, in my mind, means I should probably save my money, take the pills and just pour some coins into the local sunbed machine on the high street.  Still... I'd love to be able to just get on a plane and fuck off somewhere warm on my own to lie on a busy beach, people watching and reading.  But then, I'm guessing that's most people's dream! 

I don't think I've actually left Chiswick for a month.  And hey, it's a lovely place to be (I'm Chiswickian born & bred) but a life of playing Tetris on another level at the warehouse and sitting at my desk is getting to me. I posted about my cat lying on my lap last night this morning.  I didn't post it last night because I went to bed at 8.30pm and didn't want to admit that my main adventure of the evening was my cat sitting on my lap before 8.30pm which is when people in the Alps or in Mauritius or The Bahamas just start eating their suppers and reminiscing over the fun they've had that day.

I'm obviously self-aware enough to know that I'm hyperfocusing on a very small minority of a very small minority here... and weirdly, alot of them are probably from Chiswick as, personally I AM enjoying the lack of a queue to get my M&S sandwich this week 😬


I'm not in pain, my loved ones are capable and (most importantly), loved and business is ticking along (thanks very much to you all). 

My idea for a subscription gift is, in my humble opinion, a doozy... seriously, I'm going to have a lot of fun on the design, when my head is in the right space.  So for that reason, I'll be taking the full 4 day weekend off from work.  There will be no email out (I know companies are now moving to AI to write their emails and also plan ahead with their marketing campaigns... I like to keep it amateur by typing my own on the day I'm actually sending it - my biggest sneaky thing is that I'll schedule it to send in the evenings because when you've got a cat lying on your lap and you're watching any old shit on the telly, it's a good time to catch up on some vaguely interesting blogposts and emails and do a bit of shopping).

Happy Easter 🐣 to you. Please keep supporting this small business by spreading the news, spreading the love and spending your money.  And if you like the Angry Flowers collection, you can grab all 3 titles for less here.

Sarah 🖤

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