Gifts for The Team - Another Typical Sarah BlogSpot

Gifts for The Team - Another Typical Sarah BlogSpot

I fully intend to create a pin that says 'doesn't play well with others' just for me! I really don't.  I'm a very particular combination of loud and extremely sensitive and what with my oscillating between motormouth and no words at all, I can be a little tricky to read. 

I'm also that worst kind of toxic in that I'll let things slide until I can't anymore... I think it's known as giving you enough rope.  You can piss me off over and over and over until one day, it'll be the coffee ring on the kitchen worktop that will send me over the edge.

But when it comes to working within a 'team', I'm particularly inexperienced.  I was 21 when I last worked for a company that had more people than my nuclear family (five. Total).  And I haven't had an employer at all since I was 24 because I am, quite simply, unemployable. 

I adored my last boss - we got on brilliantly and I worked for her for four years in an office of three souls.  The trouble was, I couldn't stand the sight of the other one, who, although only worked part time, just made me miserable.  It's amazing I lasted for as long as I did, but eventually I had to jump and that was it.  I knew that if I couldn't control who I spent my day with, it just wasn't going to work. 

So, I've been lucky enough to have a few careers and have employed some amazing people who will become part of the family almost immediately and there they stay, little places of gratitude in my heart for all that they have done for me over the years.  And then there's Sam, who turned up as a sort of intern 13 years ago and now runs the place.  To say I've stolen the best years of his life is probably an understatement but he basically is the business.  He even came up with the name when we got too sweary and Rolf too monstrous to continue trading as 'Two Little Boys'.

Running an entire team or being part of a team is beyond my ken.  So, why am I writing a blogspot about buying gifts for them?!

Well, I'll tell ya.  I know gifts.  I give excellent gift.  If I know you, I'll find something that you never thought you needed but now can't live without. I'll make you smile despite yourself with a token I've sent you through the post.

My first born arrived the week before Christmas and I had everything so sorted in advance that I was able to spend the actual 25th weeping with nipple agony and frustration and still ensure that everyone else had fabulous gifts to unwrap.  Yeah, I'm irritating like that.  I only find one person difficult to buy for (weirdly) and that's Sam... so, I'm really not one to be telling you how to buy for your colleagues 🤣

But, I've been in the gift business for 21 years and I see what you all buy! And it seems that more and more of you are purchasing for groups and we think we're very good at covering most personalities and most situations in a cost effective way of spreading love and laughter - whether it's for Christmas for the book club; an end of treatment gift for the chemo team; end of term gifts for the teachers; your ward buddies; your sales force or for the lovely lot in your hardworking, all pulling together team (except for the one arsehole who only ever seems to do the minimum required of him and no more).  We're able to supply you with the instruments to create that wonderful mood-boosting gift-fest symphony of joy (yeah, it can be that good).

Or put more simply, we understand that whole 'can't give Jude something that cost £2 more than what I got for Mike but they can't have the same thing' thang that we're so good at 😁.

If you'd like to check out the ranges we think might suit your team, do check them out here

And if you'd like some help - just email with your profession/conundrum/team size and budget and I'll happily make some suggestions... unless you're a gift company with an employee called Sam and a pretty big budget - then you're on your own.  He's frickin' impossible!

I should also mention that we supply schools with our Latin motto pins that are presented to their leavers every year, taking them into the next stage of their lives with some old ancient words of wisdom on their lapels.  Get in contact if you'd like pricing and even options to personalise the backing cards...

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