Father's Day 2023 - Use Code Always for £3 off Memorial Pin

Father's Day 2023 - Use Code Always for £3 off Memorial Pin

I know Father's Day is very tricky for some. So, we're currently offering £3 off our memorial pins until 16th June 2023.

I was honoured to have been with my dad when he passed away and I treasure the memory knowing that the very last thing he heard in this life was my saying that I loved him. 

I couldn't have asked for much more, but another few years with him would have been most welcome. 

He was a terrifyingly tall man who's legs were so long it felt like just one set of knees weren't enough.  He was Basil Fawlty to a tee and the fallout his death left behind wrenched deep.  I loved him very much and I miss him, especially as we had reached that wonderful time in life where I didn't need to be frightened of him any more and could just find him hilariously funny, larger than life and monumentally sentimental in later life.  You could bring tears to his eyes in seconds simply by asking if he was proud of his children.

I created these 2 pins for friends who'd lost loved ones during Covid... but then realised that it was important for me to honour my dad's memory on his birthday and his death day and Father's Day by wearing something.  I toy with my pin like a talisman and by doing so, feel a little of that initial raw pain of loss.  It's a good thing.  Not a day goes by when I don't think of him.  In honour of his memory, and as Father's Day approaches, I'd like to offer everyone a chance to gift or self purchase one or more of them at £3 off each. Simply use code always in the shopping cart.

If you are lucky enough to still have a dad around or need something for your partner from your kids, the section is now live on the site and I'm about to write a post with this year's edit...

Much love, and I do hope I haven't triggered anyone too hard... although I sometimes think triggering reminds us we're lucky to be here!

Sarah 🖤 

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My daughter lost her dad suddenly in April. I will be getting her the tattoo pin. Just wanted to let you know that the code isn’t working. Hope Fathers Day isn’t too hard on you. xxx


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