Christmas gift ideas for every budget

Christmas gift ideas for every budget

The countdown to Christmas is on! To help you find the perfect pressies for your friends, family, and colleagues, we’ve sorted our Christmas gift guide by price.   

Gifts for under £5 

If you’ve got a long list of people to buy for and you’re trying to get it all done on a budget, we've got plenty of Christmas present ideas that won’t break the bank.

Whether you’re buying for a teenager with big ambitions or a friend that needs reminding of how special they are, our gifts for under a fiver fit the bill perfectly. 

Remarkably witty coasters   

Our range of coasters make great gifts for under a fiver – and there are lots to choose from.

If you’ve drawn the short straw and you’ve got to buy a secret Santa gift for a colleague you don’t know very well, then this Merry Fucking Christmas coaster is ideal at £4.

We’ve got coasters with character descriptions to celebrate every type of personality, from angelically devilish most of the time to less warrior, more worrier

Merry Fucking Christmas coaster

Notebooks for creatives

For the creative notetaker in your life, we’ve got a fun range of lined notebooks for children. 

Every front cover in this range of notebooks has an inspirational quote for little people with big dreams – we love this one that says: ‘I’m going to be a superhero and this is my plan’.

We also have aspirational notebooks for adults who want to plan, get organised, and write lists! 

Superhero notebook

A patch with a motto

Our iron-on woven patches have inspirational quotes sewn onto them. Our best-selling tag is from the ‘chin up, tits out’ range – and it comes on a backing card with space to write your message.

They can be attached to the lining of hats, bags, coats, jumpers, and jeans so only the wearer knows it's there.  

Chin up, tits out woven patch

Gifts for under £10 

It’s not often you can buy a gift for under a tenner and feel like you've got value for money. Buying on a budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on originality or quality - we've got plenty of stocking fillers that tick both boxes. 

Keyrings with character 

Every metal keyring in our collection has a slogan or a pithy character trait. If you know someone who is somewhat sweary and remarkably articulate, or interestingly odd and fabulously funny, we’ve got you covered. 

We love this keyring with the inspirational slogan: even on my worst day, I’m fucking awesome.  

Keyring - even on my worst day I'm fucking awesome

Delicious choc and rock  

Imagine receiving a bar of deliciously smooth milk chocolate with the word ‘smile’ on the wrapper – it’s enough to make anyone’s day better. Choose from milk chocolate, salted caramel, or dark vegan-friendly honeycomb.

We also sell alcohol-flavoured Edinburgh rock that comes in a bag with the slogan printed in bold colours on the front. 

Chocolate bar with 'smile' wrapper

Latin motto enamel pins

Our enamel pins can be attached to everything from hats and bags to jumpers and jacket lapels. At just £8 each, we love the tattoo collection of pins that are designed around Latin mottos. 

Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat translates from Latin to English as fortune favours the bold – this is the perfect pin badge for someone about to start a new challenge.

For a little bit extra you could also treat your loved one to a gift set with six enamel pins with Latin mottos.    

Enamel pin badge with Latin motto

Gifts for under £15 

What do you buy for the man or woman who has everything? You're sure to find something in our range of Christmas gift ideas for under £15. They're wonderfully originally and they won’t break the bank. 

Merry mug-mas 

For something with an edgier Christmas message than you’d get normally get at this time of year, we love this ‘Merry Fucking Christmas’ mug complete with a skull in a Santa hat. 

If you’d prefer something that can be used all year round we’ve got a whole range of mugs with mottos and witty character descriptions – and for £4 extra, every mug has its own matching coaster to go with it.  

Merry Fucking Christmas mug

Christmas rock 

For a friend who loves a boozy gift, our soft rock comes in flavours like Prosecco, and gin and tonic. There are two festive-themed gift boxes to choose from, but we really like this box of rock with the words: something naughty for someone nice

Something naughty for someone nice box of rock

Gifts for £20 and over

If you’re looking for something more high-end, our range of clothing ticks every box. Choose from a hoodie, a sweatshirt, or a t-shirt printed with a witty slogan or character description from our collection. 

There is a slogan for everyone from ‘fuck this shit’ to ‘chin up, tits out’. 

Fuck this shit hoodie

We also have a range of children’s t-shirts with inspirational slogans like ‘boss’ and ‘I’m going to change the world'. Ethically made from 100% cotton, these adorable t-shirts are screen-printed in four bold colours - perfect for a niece or nephew with big dreams. 

The Christmas yearbook 

With every Christmas that comes around, it's hard to believe that yet another year has passed. Record what's happened over the year with this fantastic yearbook designed to capture your memories through the lens of Christmas. 
The Christmas Yearbook from Chiswick Gift Company

There's space for your friends and family to write snippets or just sign it like a guestbook. You can also add a photo and write about the things you did to celebrate Christmas - the food, the films, the games! 

It's never too late to start a new family tradition and the Christmas yearbook is just the place to start. 

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