Shit Happens Latin Motto Magnet
Shit Happens Latin Motto Magnet
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Shit Happens Latin Motto Magnet

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Magnet featuring original artwork and motivational motto in Latin.
    It says Stercus Accidit which means "Shit Happens" in Latin.

    Perfect gift for any human being, literally, who can you think of that shit doesn't happen to, everyone goes through a tough time at some point. 

    A quirky but useful gift for someone going through a challenging time.

    Just an original and really thoughtful way to remind someone that you are thinking of them.

    This large magnet can be placed on the fridge for the world to see or on your desk, or anywhere you like, just so you know it's there.

    Size: 7.5 Diameter

    Why we love it: 

    • It's completely unique and has a heartfelt message.
    • It's motivational and inspirational without being cheesy, because Latin is never cheesy.  Nerdy maybe, but never cheesy.
    • It adds colour and attitude to any kitchen or office.
    • It's original and not something you'll see everywhere.
    • Sized  10cm x 10cm.
    Stercus Accidit is Latin for 'Shit Happens' which is a very empowering message that you can gift to someone to let them know this too shall pass, there's nothing you can do but ride it out, don't worry, we could all do with a reminder of that sentiment sometimes.

    Customer Reviews

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    Cyra Zieringer
    Lovely little gift

    I bought 2 items as little gifts.
    They arrived promptly and were lovely. Communication was also excellent.
    I’ll be back for more!
    Thank you

    Helen Gray
    Hilarious and great quality

    So funny and so perfect for my irrelevant friends and family!

    Rose Ellen Powell

    Magnets were bought as gifts, all greatly received

    Em C
    Great gift

    Bold and brassy. Fun gift for my mates... bought 2 and love them

    Mrs Kim Walker
    Love it

    Got both the pin badge and fridge magnet, both arrived in good time, nicely presented. Very happy