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Second (Final) Drop Warehouse Clearance Kids Bundle

Second (Final) Drop Warehouse Clearance Kids Bundle

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LAST FEW AVAILABLE - if it is out of stock, I'm sorry you missed out :(

We've always worked on the basis that just because they're little doesn't mean that quality or design should be compromised so although the bundles are very random, know that everything is top notch quality and, in total, worth a lot more than the £17.50 you spend (especially as the £17.50 you pay includes the cost of the postage & packing - they're heavy and bulky to send and took me three days to put together).

Hopefully you'll love the contents - as with everything we've ever done, they're unique designs and ideas.    The bundles come with enough to share around with cousins and friends if your own don't need particular sizes or activities.

Due to the size and weight of these parcels (4kg roughly) we can only really ship them to UK addresses.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

A wonderful selection of high quality t-shirts, books and games. I loved it so much I went back to the site and bought a second one! Perfect for giving as gifts or for your own children.


Brilliant mix of items.


A great selection of children's gifts at a fantastically low price.

Emma Doyle
Bloody brilliant!!

I nearly didn’t order this as my children are proper adults, then I remembered I’m not!!

There is absolutely nothing in this bundle that will not be used. My nieces will love the t shirts, my parents will be delighted with the grandchildren books and I am genuinely excited by a ring binder saying I will be the boss. I am in fact intending to use it at my next meeting with my boss 🤣🤣.

Thank you so much for doing these bundles, it was ridiculously cheap for the amount of awesomeness that arrived today, and has made my day.

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