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Personalised This Is My Baby Brother Activity Pack

Personalised This Is My Baby Brother Activity Pack

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Designed to prevent sibling rivarly, this activity book is fun to fill and a wonderful keepsake book for the parents to cherish once complete.

We created this book, it's purpose in life was to stop your older child putting your new arrival in the washing machine!

Ultimately it is an activity book that they will really enjoy filling, it's got prompts so they know what to do, but it let's them be creative and makes them feel very involved and important.

Once complete it becomes something quite different, a keepsake that you will all cherish.

Why we love it

  • A great way to help older siblings handle new arrivals
  • Encourage olders siblings to get excited about the new baby
  • A unique keepsake created by kids
  • A brilliant way to capture memories to look back on in the future
  • Prevents siblings rivarly before it starts

Now available in a personalised keepsake tin, perfect for safe storage and adding a few little extras like your baby brother's tiny sock - create your own little time capsule to look back on in a few years time.

You can personalise the tin with the name of the child who is getting a new baby brother; you can also include the name of the baby brother and date of birth, those are the popular options but it's entirely up to you. So if you have a special message to the older sibling about why their baby brother will be so excited to meet them.

It encourages them to take ownership of their new baby brother rather than feeling replaced.

Once they've worked their magic on it, and hand it back to you, you've got a one of a kind keepsake that captures a moment in your family life in a truly unique way.

The focus is offering a fun and simple way for children to celebrate one of the most important people in their lives.

The book is designed to be filled with words and pictures including 'This is a picture of my baby brother' and 'The best thing about having a baby brother is......'

Once filled, 'This is my baby brother' becomes a truly unique keepsake book as it captures a child's personality at a moment in time.

Parents will be reduced to tears when they are handed the completed book.

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