Bargain Bundle for £15
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Bargain Bundle for £15

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We've finally emptied the shelves at the warehouse and have made up (in advance this time!) 60 bundles to grab.  We'll be dropping 30 onto the site at 3pm and then adding the other 30 at 8pm to keep things as fair as possible. 

Please only 1 per household and if you're coming back for more after the last time, do know you may well be getting almost exactly the same in this bundle.  The £5 increase is because after VAT and postage, I had nothing left for packaging materials so apologies for any dissappointment at the price increase - it was me being an absolute doofus the last time!

This isn't a 'thing' that we're going to keep doing.  This is genuinely the only time as it's stock from when we were wholesaling to large shop chains and department stores and had to hold enormous quantites to fulfil orders.

So, thank you to those who have left incredible reviews and lovely Facebook comments.  We are not charging for the actual products, we're giving them away and we wanted you to have a chance to fill your gift/card drawers and spread the love. 

I hope you like them.

Sarah 🖤


Customer Reviews

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Hayley Lloyd-Overton
Like a lovely surprise birthday parcel!

This was amazing! The products are wonderful and the element of surprise as to the contents was like receiving a luxury Christmas stocking ! I particularly loved the tea towel with the train ticket printed saying “wishing everyone a pleasant journey on the railway of life “ based on tickets the owner’s great great uncle Reg used to print and hand out to people. So lovely I’m going to hang it on the wall. The value of the contents far far exceeds the amount charged which barely covers p&p! Thank you so much

Victoria F
Great quantity and quality, but I don't have children!

There was definitely over £15 worth in the bundle. Some nice birthday cards and a couple of 'grown-up' note pads. The rest was a couple of children's t-shirts, folders, pencils, and 'spot the' fun booklets'. Great if you have small children, or know any... I don't, and unfortunately, all the ones I know are too big, so much of it will go to charity.

Nicky Wragg
Mystery package

I was excited to open the mystery package and it did not disappoint. Great selection of items that can be given as gifts to family and friends. Loved the personal service of an initial email from Sarah and subsequent ones between us. Nice to see that a company is run by a real person!!! I’d definitely buy from The Chiswick Gift company again - quick delivery, good quality products and fab personal service.

angela mcmanus
bargain bundle

Absolutely brilliant bundle of items, overwhelmed with the quality & quantities.

Highly recommend

Lauren Kirk
Best Buy ever!

Loved this bundle-so many amazing treats! Review Medals